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What's New

03.05.15 The Golden Plates Trailer released.


02.28.15 Autograph signing at ATLA Party, Hollywood, CA


02.23.15 Attended The Greys Premiere, Hollywood, CA.


02.20.15 Attended an Oscar Gifting Suite. Hollywood, Ca.


02.13.15 Attended The White Rabbit Premiere, Hollywood, CA.


12.17.15 Interviewed on Actors EChat with Laci Kay, Hollywood, CA.


12.14.14 Special Guest at the Winter Lights Concert.


11.15.14 Cardboard and OperHator  played The C&C Teen Hollywood Film Festival (CA). Tara-Nicole WINS an award for outstanding filmmaking.


11.8.14 Cardboard plays the ITSA Film Festival (CA). Tara-Nicole WINS Best Young Filmmaker.


11.06.14 The Golden Plates Facebook Page goes live.


10.19.14 The Golden Plates begins filming.


10.18.14 Tara-Nicole attends the ATLA event in Hollywood, CA and signs autographs.


10.11.14 OperHator screens at The Other Venice Film Festival (CA).

OperHator WINS Best Student Film.


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